5-Day FREE Belly Blasting Challenge

Kick Start your Fitness With My FREE Workout Challenge That Brings In The Fun Of The 80's
with Belly Blasting exercises that work

In this transformational 5 day challenge you’ll learn how to completely TRANSFORM your Body all while having FUN!

In this transformational 5 day challenge you'll get:

  • ​Daily live low impact exercises (less than 10 minutes a day)
  • ​Reduce your bloat, tighten your abs & reduce your waistline
  • ​All with a FUN FUN FUN Jane Fonda style program 
  • ​An example eating plan to help maximise your results 
  • ​Leg warmers optional :)

Meet Your Coach!

Hi there! Nice to virtually meet you! My name is Kate Sansum and I loved helping thousands of ladies across the globe regain their body confidence when life, injuries, motherhood and bad habits have got in the way. 

With 32 years of experience, I know what works for ladies of our age (I'm 52) & I love 80's music.

Stop the diet madness and finally learn why previous diets and cardio sessions no longer work.
As an active professional member of the British Menopause Society, I combine my knowledge of the changes happening in your body with my fitness experience to bring you a Challenge that WORKS!  

Let's get you motivated - see you in this fun Challenge!  

Are you READY?
Let's do this!
Join the 5-Day Belly Blasting Challenge and Learn To Transform your Body!

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